Visual & Accurate Technical Publications

SamsonCORE helps businesses to empower engineers on the ground, by replacing technical manuals with 3D models that are always up-to-date.

This ensures maintenance can be carried out as efficiently as possible, saving businesses from costly delays. Simple to update across numerous languages, SamsonCORE enables on the job training and upskilling.

3D Model
Work Instructions
Parts Catalogue

Parts Catalogue

Help your customers order the correct parts, with an interactive 3D parts catalogue.

Accurate: The 3d model shows a highly accurate representation of parts, allowing your customers to visually identify parts.

Up to date: Part numbers are instantly updatable online, so your customers always have the latest version.

Easy to use: Customers can point and click on the model to find parts quickly and easily.

Work Instructions

Help technicians perform work instructions correctly, first time, with animated work instructions.

Simple: Visual animations show technicians what to do step by step, improving accuracy.

On-demand: Technicians can access the instructions they need, when they need them. No more chasing paper manuals.

Easy to update and translate: Lower use of text means there’s less to edit when procedures change, and keeps translation costs down.

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