The SamsonCORE benefits for businesses

7th April 2021

SamsonCORE is an aftersales platform that is replacing technical publications with easy to decipher interactive 3D models – that can be easily kept up to date via an online platform. Service engineers get to view product models from every angle, so they can match it to their real-life view - this is otherwise known as a digital twin. Engineers can use the model to separate individual parts, view them in isolation, and see animations regarding how they fit back together to aid with maintenance procedures and technical training.

Key benefits

This description of SamsonCORE does not fully explain all the advantages for brands, however. Replacing technical documents (typically 2D images on printed PDFs) with a 3D parts catalogue creates several opportunities and benefits for businesses. This includes:

Reduced product downtime

SamsonCORE reduces periods of product downtime as it helps to speed up repairs and cuts down the potential for ordering mistakes that can lead to delays. 

SamsonCORE helps engineers complete servicing in a fraction of the time. A study by Accenture has shown, when compared to flat 2D images, 3D models can help people complete tasks 50% faster. 


As SamsonCORE’s digital platform can be easily kept up to date, engineers will no longer rely on printed PDFs – that can be several years old and no longer accurate – saving potential confusion.  

When engineers isolate the individual parts that need replacing within SamsonCORE, they will see an exact model number to ensure accurate ordering.

Additional revenue stream

SamsonCORE’s digital platform allows businesses to integrate ecommerce platforms for parts sales, helping businesses to create a new revenue stream. 

When parts are displayed in SamsonCORE, stock and price levels can be shown alongside. When an ecommerce platform is integrated, customers in need of a new part can fulfil that need immediately.

Ecommerce integration is providing access to a lucrative online aftersales market. According to McKinsey, the aftersales market for the automotive sector alone is worth $760bn per year.


Customer loyalty 

SamsonCORE is providing businesses with the means to maintain and nurture relationships with customers. 

SamsonCORE can white label the communication portal so it can become an extension of the brand experience – helping to nurture brand loyalty.

This platform will help answer servicing and repair questions – and allow brands to provide customers with maintenance tips.

Product and customer intelligence 

SamsonCORE allows companies to collate data and build business intelligence that can be used to improve product development and customer satisfaction. 

SamsonCORE data helps businesses understand what components are compromising product reliability – while also providing a picture of what parts are likely to go wrong and at what stage.

This information helps companies to anticipate problems, pre-stock replacement parts that are likely to be in higher demand and respond to possible customer queries in a more informed way. 

Cost-effective aftersales support

SamsonCORE helps businesses to reduce the total cost of aftersales support by cutting down the number of technical documents, and translations, they are required to produce. 

Companies no longer need to produce new versions for each technical publication every time there is a new model or component change.  

As 3D models provide image-led instructions, the need to carry out costly translations into multiple languages is reduced. 

Businesses will no longer need to manage the printing and distribution of large technical documents. 

Environmentally friendly 

SamsonCORE is enabling companies to go paperless and reduce their carbon emissions. By eliminating a huge amount of paper printing, SamsonCORE helps to reduce energy use and the consumption of natural resources.

Brand reputation 

By helping to improve aftersales brand experience and the future development of products, SamsonCORE will be assisting businesses as they look to protect the long-term health of their brand reputation.

For further information on how SamsonCORE could support your business, book a demo today by clicking here or call our sales team directly on 0161 820 2115.

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