A day in the life of a Digital Marketing apprentice

10th March 2021

On March 8th it was International Women's Day. To celebrate, we spoke to some of the brilliant women working at SamsonVT.

I’m Amy – a 23 year old Digital Marketing apprentice working for technology SME SamsonVT, while studying part-time at Manchester Metropolitan University. I’ll start by saying that no two days are ever the same for me; working in a digital era makes marketing dynamic enough, but add in a degree and the day-to-day becomes even busier.

Good morning sunshine

On rare occasions, I can't work from home - in which case I end up in the office. On those days, I usually wake up around 7 to grab a bowl of honey-nut and get ready to catch the train for 8:30am. I sleep with my blinds open to allow the sunrise to wake me up. It sounds a little crazy, but I’ve found this trick stops me from feeling groggy in the morning. My journey takes about 25 minutes, so I try to use this time to start engaging my brain with some self-help reading: currently I’m halfway through Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Emails, emails, emails

Naturally, the beginning of my day is spent catching up with any emails, early morning invitations, replying to colleagues and following up on current projects. Starting my day this way allows me to check-in and process what needs to be done and in what order; making room for anything last minute. Checking my email first thing also crucially keeps me up to date with current events and announcements.

Social media check-in

The other great place for me to keep up with industry-relevant events is social media. After emails, I’ll have a quick look at our accounts before my morning meetings to see if anything needs my immediate attention - such as comments or mentions. Then I’ll spend a few minutes checking trending posts and relevant hashtags for any content that we can interact with as SamsonVT – networking is key!

University session: How to conduct a Google Analytics audit

This morning I have a two-hour University session on Google Analytics auditing. As I’m in the office I take myself off to the meeting room with a cup of tea and some biscuits for the online tutorial. Surprisingly, studying during the pandemic hasn’t been too difficult and credit has to be given to the University for providing well-structured classes from brilliantly attentive lecturers.

"Surprisingly, studying during the pandemic hasn’t been too difficult and credit has to be given to the University for providing well-structured classes from brilliantly attentive lecturers."

Amy Brierley


Without a doubt, one of the best things about having a central Manchester office is the food. We’re based in the Northern Quarter, Manchester’s thriving food & drink centre. Some of my most frequented lunch spots are Salt & Pepper MCR, Vietshack and Panchos Burritos.


After lunch, I’ll check in with my team, emails and socials once again for anything that might have changed over the course of the morning. By this time, any of our scheduled posts will have gone live, so I’ll take stock of immediate interactions and reply to any comments.

Content collaboration & creation

What content is needed changes daily. I always try to plan ahead and pre-schedule posts for the week ahead, but in a fast-paced environment you also have to be prepared to work on-the-fly to deal with colleague requests and prepare reactionary content. Some of the general tasks can include any number of the following:

  • Drafting, editing, and producing original content 

  • Creating graphics to support content

  • Planning and scheduling social media posts

  • Building email marketing campaigns

  • Scouting for relevant events, awards and other media opportunities

Today in particular was spent recording a video scripted the day before, gathering content for an upcoming blog feature, checking in with the Sales team to review our latest email campaign and writing the first draft of this blog post.

Study time

After I’ve completed the bulk, if not all of the work set out for the day, I’ll spend some time on my University work. A question I often get asked is how I juggle both work and education. In truth, I have a really great team and extended support network. Whether it’s family, work colleagues or lectures from the University – everybody is rooting for my success. There is a mutual understanding that in order to become a better asset to SamsonVT, I have to put the time into studying and as such I’m allowed the time required to work on university assignments during work hours. It makes balancing both a much easier task.

"Whether it’s family, work colleagues or lectures from the University – everybody is rooting for my success."

Amy Brierley

Final rounds

As the day closes, I’ll make my final checks on social media, saving anything that might be of interest for a future post. I make sure my colleagues have any content they requested from me earlier in the day and look over what’s happening the next day to make sure I’m appropriately prepared. Then I close the laptop lid, unplug and unwind for the evening.

It’s a busy day, but I truly wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m very grateful to be where I am, and for SamsonVT to be part-funding my further education through the Manchester Metropolitan Apprenticeship Degree scheme. I have worked incredibly hard to earn my position here and I look forward to what my future holds, independently and with SamsonVT.

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