5 reasons to deploy SamsonCORE: it’s about more than being kind to engineers

2nd March 2021

There’s little doubt the servicing engineers working on your products will thank you for deploying SamsonCORE. Providing easy access to interactive 3D models that are always up-to-date, as an alternative to printed technical documents, will make their working lives much easier.

Instead of trying to decipher a flat 2D composite image, engineers get to view a piece of machinery from every angle – and match it to their view of the real-life product in front of them. They can even pull this model apart to inspect its individual components in isolation. And, better still, see animations showing how those parts fit back together.

While this is great for the engineers, gaining their love and respect isn’t the only reason to deploy SamsonCORE.

Here are 5 more:

1. Overall cost

Creating interactive 3D models may sound like more effort than creating printable PDFs, but in fact, the opposite is true. Where companies have previously required to recruit large teams of people to create their product servicing guides and parts catalogues, this is no longer the case.

When new product models come along or parts are upgraded, they don’t need to create new versions of every document – and this saves organisations a huge amount of time and, crucially, money. 

You can simply update an online platform. And, when you also consider that an interactive 3D model can be understood in any language – the cost of translating documentation into multiple languages alone is also dramatically reduced.

2. Repair times

Regardless of how good the accompanying instructions (and translation) is, it’s never easy to look at a flat 2D image and instantly understand what needs to happen. As a result, engineers spend a lot of time trying to decipher what the technical documentations are telling them.

It’s a challenge compounded by the fact that engineers often don’t have the latest documentation, and are relying on instruction created for previous product models. When this happens, it usually results in confusion, and lengthy delays to the repair process.

When engineers can clearly see all the elements of a piece of machinery from every angle, and know they are looking at the most up-to-date set of instructions, repairs and maintenance tasks take place much faster.

3. Part sales

We also have to consider the advantage of working with a digital platform over a PDF. For instance, SamsonCORE’s online platform will allow your organisation to integrate its ERP system in order to live stream supply chain data.

So, when engineers isolate individual parts of the 3D model, they can also see the cost and stock availability alongside.

This will create a more fluid aftersales parts market that allows engineers to order spare parts faster. It will also reduce mistakes, and the associated delays and costs incurred, as engineers can be confident they are ordering the correct components for the right model.

4. Sustainability

No longer having to print out all those large documents for every piece of machinery, offers a clear cost saving. But, it would be remiss not to also consider the environmental benefits.

Deploying SamsonCORE will mean organisations can go paperless. Moving all your technical instructions to a digital platform reduces unnecessary printing, resource consumption and carbon emissions – making the process of producing technical instructions more sustainable.

5. Reputation

By making the lives of service engineers much easier, you’ll be able to turn these customer facing tradespeople into your biggest brand ambassadors.

When you combine that with the fact that you’ll also be creating a more efficient product servicing system – where repairs and parts ordering can take place faster – the reputation of your products will be greatly enhanced.

The added bonus of being able to demonstrate greater corporate and social responsibility will mean the deployment of SamsonCORE will also be beneficial for your company brand as a whole.

Want to learn more, or see a demonstration of SamsonCORE in action, then please book a discovery call or demo session here.

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